Terms & Conditions


You have to do an online enrollment for all our courses >here<.

Bookings / reservations for basic usage fees "Teilnahmeentgelt" for students / employees are no longer necessary

Online Application

Should there be any problems concerning registration / enrollment, the secretary ("HSA-Büro") is available for questions via e-mail. It is easier to use your own PC when registering via the internet, but of course you can also use the university's CIP rooms. There are no advantages or disadvantages either way as all systems are treated equally.

  • use a current browser
  • choose a course and click “Buchen” (book)
  • type in the necessary data, then confirm
  • enter your valid e-mail address
  • make sure you have typed in your bank account information (especially the IBAN) correctly
  • print out your participation permit and carry it with you at all times when you go to the courses

If your bank account does not hold sufficient funds for the direct debit the reservation will be cancelled automatically and the course place will be given to someone else. By paying the participation fees you are also accepting the terms and conditions as set out in the University sports program.

By booking a course, participants agree to the terms and conditions of university sports

Start of registration

To avoid congestion, reservations and bookings are done in a couple of timeframes (changes are possible, please check on each course's reservation page)

Course fees

You need to pay course fees (if not described otherwise) once per term / semester. The fees for the semester break period will be announced in the corresponding semester break.

Payment via direct debit only – bank transfer is not possible!

Payments will be done online using direct debit after you have registered for your desired courses. Please make sure that there is sufficient funds in your account. We cannot accept credit transfers for administrative reasons. Objecting the direct debit via the bank will lead to exclusion from all university sports courses because registrations after the cancellation deadline day are binding! If you need to cancel please refer to the following conditions.

Right of withdrawal / Cancellation deadline

If you want to cancel a course booking, you have to send a letter to the Sports Department secretary ("HSA-Büro") with the course number or alternatively write an e-mail to Frau Sturm (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before the corresponding cancellation deadline. After this deadline, course cancellations (even those cancelled for reasons of health) cannot usually be accepted. Courses which have to be delayed because of bad weather conditions may not be cancelled, replacement dates will be offered. Cancellations are only acceptable in writing. Telling whoever is giving the course that you wish to cancel is not sufficient. You cannot cancel personal, individual or introductory courses, for example “introduction to gym” unless there is specific mention of differing rules in the course's description.

Important: After the cancellation deadline your registration is binding.

Courses during the holidays: Cancellations are not possible due to short duration of courses.

When course dates are canceled

We always try to find replacement dates if one of the courses or course dates cannot take place. However, under rare circumstances, it might not be possible to find a replacement date for one-off courses which take place outdoors and are cancelled owing to bad weather. We cannot find replacement dates for courses which have to be cancelled during the holidays. In these cases, please contact the HSA-Büro / secretary.

Courses during the semester: Please take note of the cancellation deadline.

Course program of the lecture-free time / following semester

will be announced on time on the homepage

Sport Institute Opening Times

Please refer to top left box on our homepage.

HSA-office Opening Times

Monday – Thursday: 9.00 – 12.00

Accompaniment to the tram or parking lot

If you were to feel unsafe on the way to e.g. the Tram, you are welcome to contact our library's security service to accompany you:

Who is eligible to participate?

Fully enrolled students and full-time employees of the University of Augsburg and Technical University of Applied Sciences, students of other bavarian universities (no insurance coverage by the Landesunfallkasse / gesetzl. Versicherung!)
Furthermore, the spouses of employees of the University of Augsburg and Technical University of Applied Sciences, as well as members of the support association (alumni of the University of Augsburg / Technical University of Augsburg, with proof of alumni status) may register and participate in our courses.
The eligibility must be verifiable at any time by showing the participation ticket and a student's immatriculation and service card, student certificate or employee's card.

The "Participation Ticket" is to be printed out after the courses have been booked and must be presented during inspections.

Sponsor Association

The Sponsor Association enables former students (Alumni) of Augsburg University or the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg to participate in our courses. You must provide proof of having studied at either university when required. Further information can be found at the University Sports Department Office (Hochschulsport Sekretariat) or under “Förderverein”. To register for courses, you must first click on “Förderverein” and pay the participation fees of € 26,00 (Course-number 01111). You will find this “course” under "Kursangebote – weitere Kursangebote" (courses on offer and additional courses on offer) and then under “T” (which stands for participation fees). After doing this you can apply for any other course (you still have to pay the additional course costs if any are listed). Beyond that, there is no other formalities. After the semester term is over, your membership terminates automatically.

Data protection

The data entered for registration purposes is used and saved solely for the administration of participants and courses. We guarantee that the data will not be passed on or sold to others.

Further information in our privacy policy (available in German only): Datenschutzhinweise

Liability and accident insurance

The State of Bavaria, the Sports Department of the University of Augsburg and its employees can only be held liable for insurance claims when damage or injury was caused deliberately or negligently! This restriction concerning liability does not apply to any violations of the legal contractual obligations either to damages / injuries to life, body or health, or to claims concerning the Product Liability Law or when one partner deliberately caused harm. Our insurance does not cover injuries inflicted on a third party’s person or damages to their belongings during sports activities. Therefore, we recommend you to get a personal liability insurance.
Fully matriculated students are covered in the event of an accident by Germany’s statutory accident insurance for universities (GUV) during participation of all university sports courses, but not during unauthorised sporting activities. This cover is only valid for courses organised by Augsburg University Sports Department. Courses organised by external organisers (e.g. clubs) are not covered by our statutory accident insurance.

Important: when training independently at the sports centre, the climbing wall or the sports centre’s gym, you are not covered by the university’s accident insurance. In such activities you are acting under your own jurisdiction and responsibility.
Accidents have to be reported to the sports centre’s secretary (Ms Heidi Groth) within 3 days. There is no additional insurance for employees of the University or the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg apart from the statutory university accident insurance. Course trainers/ teachers with a valid teaching contract are insured via the ARAG sports insurance which covers liability and accidents during group activities.


We are not liable for theft or lost articles – please do not leave any valuables in the changing rooms!

New course trainers/ teachers

We are always looking for new staff for our collegiate sports. New ideas for trend sports courses are also welcome. If you would like to apply for the position of course trainer, please contact Ms Dr. Christine Höss-Jelten, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

General advice

As there have been various incidents in the past, we would also like to point out, that you must follow all instructions by the supervisory staff. Please remember to folliow the house rules at all times. Smoking is prohibited everywhere in the campus of the sports centre. Furthermore, please do not take glass bottles with you outside or into the gyms and other indoor facilities.

Independent training

During the opening hours, you can train independently on the Finnish track (it is lit in the evenings), the running track and at the tennis wall. If you have obtained permission, you can also use the gym room. You can optain this permission by participating in a collegiate sports course or by attending a briefing given by a qualified coach.

Independent climbing

You have to register to be allowed to use the climbing walls independently. There is no statutory insurance cover (GUV). If you use the climbing walls you do so at your own risk and your own responsibility. Climbing is a sport which requires prudence at all times and a responsible individual approach. There is always the risk of a fall or injury. For this reason you have to know and be capable of using the official safety techniques acknowledged by the DAV (National German Alpine Society). Every climber and securing person is responsible for his/ her choice of securing technique and safety precautions. For questions about climbing rules please refer to the head of this sports department.

Please observe the rules of use and safety guidelines. Here too, you have to be able to present your identity card and participation permit if requested.

Important: During independent training you are not covered by the statutory University accident insurance.